Saturday, January 25, 2014

Red Shouldered Hawk and Pileated Woodpecker

Capt. Mike was painting the back of our house the other day and called me to come outside quickly and bring my camera... I love those calls!

NOTE:  There is a short video clip of this at the bottom of the post.  It also includes the huge, gorgeous Pileated Woodpecker that showed up about an hour later!

Two beautiful Hawks were perched in our pecan tree.  That could really only mean one thing, they were on the hunt.  As they flew in, there was a terrible squawking and we both thought they had a squirrel.  However, they perched there on the branch, with nothing in their clutches.

Several birds were noisily flying by to "scare them" off, but one Blue-jay in particular was being quite daring.  She was dive bombing them and behaving so bravely.

While I headed inside to grab my telephoto lens, one of the Hawks flew off.  But this one stayed in place, peering around, un-phased by the Blue-jays frivolous actions.

Suddenly the Hawk leaned forward, ready to launch...

Then took off, but didn't fly out of the tree.  Look at that beautiful wing span!

Then took off, but didn't fly out of the tree...
He circled around behind a large trunk that blocked my view, but fluttered there for a moment or two, sending the Blue-jay into a frenzy...

The hawk had stopped to grab something, which I thought was a bird, then took off with it in his claws...

My husband was videoing this whole scene.  I was unable to quite make out what the Hawk had picked up.  We later reviewed the video and it appeared the Hawk had picked up and flew off with an entire nest!!!!  

Oh, how sad for that Blue-jay...poor bird, she was trying so hard to protect.  The Circle of Life I suppose... :(

Here is the video clip of both the Hawk and the Pileated Woodpecker.  (The woodpecker came and left so quickly I was unable to get a picture)

Click below and
Go directly to YouTube to watch it

Monday, January 20, 2014


Last week I saw this man on the beach; he was absolutely precious.  

My friend was filming him and he came right up into the camera making faces.  He spoke with an accent and explained to us that he was catching sand fleas for bait.  

I love meeting people, not just seeing them, but talking to them...

Here is my SOOC shot.

Here are my edits.  Which one do you like the best?  How do each of them make you feel?  How would you have edited this photo?

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I've been quite slack. After my grand proclamation of "I'm going to post a photo everyday this year!". It is the 19th of January and I believe I'm 18 days behind. :)


Let it be known that it doesn't mean I haven't been taking the photos...I just haven't been posting them.

So, here are a few that I found interesting...

Little bird bath in my garden…

black and white bird

Nasturtium leaves after the rain…

dew on nasturtium leaves

Fountain in the backyard…


Green beans after the rain…

green beans after rain

Nasturtiums after the rain…

nasturtium afer rain

My first beautiful tomato was snacked on by some creature… Sad.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1 - Backyard stroll in the rain

Today was rainy.  The all day kind of rain.  Overcast and just generally sleepy and odd feeling.

But, it is New Years Day, and I'm thankful for all the fresh beautiful things I saw outside, even though the rain drizzled on me as I tried to grab a few shots.

I can't seem to part with the sign we made for our Son's wedding... so it sits snuggled in my gardenscape...

Blue Plumbago.  Overcast and rainy days are the best time to photograph this flower.  The delicate cornflower blue of it's petals is easily washed out by the bright sun.  

 I'm not at all too happy with these beetles that are munching on my cauliflower!  :(

I am quite happy with these big fat tomatoes that will soon ripen!

Aptenia Cordifolia - or Hearts and Flowers (much cuter!).  I love these fluffy pink blossoms.

I think my Meyer Lemon is January??? Ah Florida, you never can tell what will happen. :)

Morning Glory...I took this photo about 3pm... the day was so overcast it bloomed all day.

Working on a DIY is a sneek peek.

2014 - A Year In Pictures!

When the 365 Project ceased to exist, it seemed so did the fun I was having with my camera.  Sad to say because I was really enjoying learning and looking at everyones photos, experimenting, shooting.  Just loving photography from my own little corner of the world.  Then I stopped.

Sigh....why?  I still love taking photos!  I still love looking at them too.  I still really want to learn more about my camera and play with it.  Sooooooo, I will begin my own "365" of sorts.  

A Year in Pictures begins today.  Stay tuned later today for my first photo sharing post of 2014. :)

It would be fun to do a link up with others who enjoy taking pics, hmmm.... I wonder if anyone would be interested in joining me in this quest. :)  

I'm gonna go dust off my camera... see you soon! :)