Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1 - Backyard stroll in the rain

Today was rainy.  The all day kind of rain.  Overcast and just generally sleepy and odd feeling.

But, it is New Years Day, and I'm thankful for all the fresh beautiful things I saw outside, even though the rain drizzled on me as I tried to grab a few shots.

I can't seem to part with the sign we made for our Son's wedding... so it sits snuggled in my gardenscape...

Blue Plumbago.  Overcast and rainy days are the best time to photograph this flower.  The delicate cornflower blue of it's petals is easily washed out by the bright sun.  

 I'm not at all too happy with these beetles that are munching on my cauliflower!  :(

I am quite happy with these big fat tomatoes that will soon ripen!

Aptenia Cordifolia - or Hearts and Flowers (much cuter!).  I love these fluffy pink blossoms.

I think my Meyer Lemon is January??? Ah Florida, you never can tell what will happen. :)

Morning Glory...I took this photo about 3pm... the day was so overcast it bloomed all day.

Working on a DIY is a sneek peek.


  1. Love that sign - hope the wedding went well. Nice to see you pop into my reader this morning. I took all my 365 photos last year on my iphone. Debating what I'll have time for this year.

    1. Hello there! I've missed all my old photo friends. :) The wedding was beautiful, thank you. I'll have to go back through and look at your last years photos. Iphones can take some great shots! Good to see you again!

  2. It's so inconceivable to me that you have all this stuff blooming and growing. Of course you living in Florida and me in Colorado probably has something to do with that. Love the morning glories and the Hearts and Flowers! So pretty!!


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