Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - A Year In Pictures!

When the 365 Project ceased to exist, it seemed so did the fun I was having with my camera.  Sad to say because I was really enjoying learning and looking at everyones photos, experimenting, shooting.  Just loving photography from my own little corner of the world.  Then I stopped.

Sigh....why?  I still love taking photos!  I still love looking at them too.  I still really want to learn more about my camera and play with it.  Sooooooo, I will begin my own "365" of sorts.  

A Year in Pictures begins today.  Stay tuned later today for my first photo sharing post of 2014. :)

It would be fun to do a link up with others who enjoy taking pics, hmmm.... I wonder if anyone would be interested in joining me in this quest. :)  

I'm gonna go dust off my camera... see you soon! :)

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