Friday, February 19, 2010

365/51 ~ Refreshing ~

I took this with the camera I'm testing out.  I had brought down the exposure a little bit using Picnik, and I softened it a little as well.  Other than that, I thought it came out nicely.

Would UV filters help at all with the exposure?

~ Refreshing ~


  1. Mmm, looks good! I have no clue about the filters - but I'm sure Tracy will tell you!!

  2. No clue here either. Those look delish though. :D

  3. Lovely, yummy image!

    UV filter is pure glass and only protects your lenses, eyes and censor from UV damage as well as scratching.

    It's still you settings. You also need to remember EVERY camera is different , and you have to get to KNOW it. I have 2 Nikon's sitting here, but they are both DIFFERENT. Each has it's own sweet spot, etc.

  4. I love the exposure on this shot. It came out great.

    UV light can cause a slight blue tinge to your photo's but I think that is only a big concern at high altitudes. I personally wouldn't use a UV filter as lens protection unless it was a very high quality lens and you were doing something where you thought the lens front needed protecting. :)

  5. jejeje I have no idea!
    see this is what I do with the camera: I move the buttons around (which I have no idea what they do) and then I pray to God they come out good...☺seriously!
    Then if they do come out good I would love to know what I did!!
    I need to take a course about photography and stop shooting on manual...☺ yeah! I will do that very soon!


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