Saturday, February 20, 2010

365/52 ~ Get Cookin' ~ many uses...Meatball ingredient, topping for Chicken Francese, flavor for Homemade Broth, adorable in a small flower arrangement, lovely on a plate next to some fancy shmancy dish! :)

But equally as happy just soaking up the sun in my herb garden...

This one I amped up the color a bit in Picnik, as it was a little washed out...

~ Curly Que ~

This is the natural form of the photo, I like the shadows and blurred framing...

~ Mr. Flat Leaf ~

What do you do with Parsley?


  1. I like the second photo, the contrast between blur and detail.

  2. Oh, cool! :D Love the 2nd one, too. Whatcha cooking? :D

  3. Butter my Garlic bread with it! (chopped)

  4. The second one is beautiful. I usually use a lot more cilantro than parsley

  5. those are so pretty - for the life of me, I can not grow herbs. I think I'm herb-challenged. lol

  6. Awesome shots friends!!!
    I love GREEN and I am loving your GREEN...♥♥♥


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