Thursday, April 22, 2010

365/113 ~ Creature of the Night ~

This large spider was busy weaving her web last night.  Such fine workmanship, as she steadily went round and round.  The web, when finished was over 1 1/2 feet across. 

We had to "google" this as we haven't seen on before. 

From doing a search on "big fat round orange spider", we came to the conclusion that is is a 'type' of Orb Weaver Spider - there are many types.  On deeper research, I'm pretty sure it's called a Nocturnal Orb...which would make sense considering she was building this quite late at night. 

Although it must hurt pretty bad to get bit by one of these (they are shy to biting though), their bites are not harmful to humans...whew!

They can make webs up to a Meter across, which can actually score a small bat or bird....WOW!
They take down, and often eat, their webs at the end of the night, making a new one each day.

There ya' go, your daily spider lesson all in one places, LOL.


  1. And the saying is BUSY as a BEE, because? Should be Spider! Sheesh!

  2. Don't even talk to me about spiders! Ahhh - I got bit by a brown recluse last year and it caused me such grief and agony : (

    Absolutely gorgeous spider though, even though I steer clear of them now, I can certainly appreciate their beauty .... and tenacity : )

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic photos!

  4. That is one cool looking spider!!! I love your second shot! Awesome angle.

  5. Awesome shots! I think spiders are so neat.

  6. Cool macros and interesting lesson.

  7. Great shots! That last one is fantastic!


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