Wednesday, April 21, 2010

365/112 ~ Spring ~

I am always just a little bit excited when I see the first leaves pop out on our huge Pecan tree.  Here is what I saw yesterday...

I edited this photo using Picnik.  I brightened the exposure a bit, then boosted the color just a touch.  Then I made it black and white all over except for the leaves.  The last touch up was using the "lomoish" button and museum matte framing. 

Here is the original shot...


  1. I love the edit. Isn't picnik awesome??

  2. Great edit! We have a pecan tree and would it surprise you if I told you half of it has died and no longer bears leaves or pecans???

  3. Yep I noticed them (FINALLY) yesterday...didn't have my camera! Going back today! :)

  4. Gorgeous! It's very dramatic.

  5. I love watching the new buds come on!


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