Friday, March 18, 2011

365 ~ 76 ~ Herbs in Macro I


Oregano is a very popular cooking herb, often more flavorful when it's leaves are dried and crushed.  It is a staple in Italian/American cuisine, but is also used in Turkish, Greek and Latin foods as well as many others. 

Interesting note:  It became popular in the US when World War II soldiers brought it back with them, calling it the “pizza herb”.  Not only used for pizza, in Southern Italy, it has long been with roasted, fried or grilled vegetables, meat and fish. Oregano combines well with spicy foods, which are popular in southern Italy.  It is less commonly used in the north of the country, where marjoram tends to replace it.


Here are some recipes from my cooking blog that call for Oregano...for more, just go to The Wooden Spoon, and type Oregano in to the search box.


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