Saturday, February 5, 2011

365 ~ 36 ~ Scavenger Hunt #1 ~ Sunday Assignment

1. My first initial on a tin wall decoration
2. I love to drink water!
3. My goal is to start running again
4. I really don't like to be called "Honey"...unless you're from the south (and have the accent to prove it) or are much older than me, lol.
5. My most "unfavorite" chore is grout cleaning
6. I use coffee everyday!  woo-hoo!
7. Hangin' on the back of a dining room chair is where I store my camera
8. Opposites - boiling water and ice cubes
9. Cold...Gelato and Sorbetto!  Yum
10. My precious Stormie - Pet Photo
11.  Chocolate chip cookies
12. Warning on Pepper Spray
13. A ladder in my garden
14. New little birds for my bedroom
15. Neighbors like to borrow a cup of sugar...right?
16. The ring my beloved gave me for Christmas 1 year ago
17. Matches for the water heater
18. Hubby's dry cleaning on a metal hanger
19. Crackin' eggs!
20.  Me crafting fondant people


  1. Nice job! You actually had a couple of self-portraits...loved the Gelato, "Honey!" :)

  2. Umm...where did you get those birds? I LOVE the birds. I need the birds. Tell me where the birds are? LOL!
    Love you my bestest.

  3. Great job! I love the "K" in the window.

  4. These are so...perfect! Love the puppy on the chair. Too cute!

  5. The ring is beautiful! Great job!

  6. These were great! I love that ring. It is beautiful. And cleaning fun!

  7. beautiful ring! I usually drink water too - besides the 2-3 cups of coffee (morning) and cup of hot chocolate (winter afternoons). I don't drink sodas

  8. Oops! pressed the post button too quickly! Your dog is so cute! Great slideshow.

  9. Love your slide show! The coffee beans look awesome! :) Where would I be without my morning coffee?

    Georgeous ring! What is the center stone?

  10. Love your slideshow, the birds are the cutest, love the coffee beans and Stormie is so adorable.

  11. Cool shots - here you'd get called, "duck, love, petal, flower' or similar... took some getting used and I'm still not sure about being called 'a brick'!


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