Friday, April 16, 2010

365/107 ~ The One That Got Away ~

Stormie chased a black snake out of my garden today.  He was a pretty good sized one, so there weren't too many places for him to hide.

He slides between her front paws as she destroys tills the soil around my Lavender...such a helpful dog... *sigh*...

He finally escaped her clumsy deadly grasp, and found a safe refuge under this wooden chest on the porch...

I thought I'd pop out there a bit later to see if he was sunning again, but he was still not quite sure if the crazy dog was about coast was clear...


  1. hilarious commentary! I found 3 snakes in my backyard yesterday around the garden. I think it's time to get rid of my winter log pile!

  2. Love Boxers!! We had two when I was growing up (only one at a time).

    FYI, black snakes are good to have around. It's good you have one hanging around.

  3. Oh gross. I hate snakes. Good snake or not, I'd be calling in the lizard kids! :)

  4. O.M.G.!!!!!!
    You are so brave girl!!
    and your baby too!

  5. Your dog is so sweet! Cool shot of the snake poking it's head out!

  6. Is that a boxer?? We are thinking of getting a boxer (well I think my hubby has decided boxer...) What do you think of the breed

  7. Neat that you've got a snake nearby - and whilst sorry it was a source of frustration for your dog, I'm glad that your dog didn't succeed. The blow by blow commentary made me laugh :)


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