Friday, February 5, 2010

365/36 ~ Play? ~

My photo is down below this paragraph, but please read because I have a question for all you experts out there...or even if you don't consider yourself an expert but know something about cameras, LOL.

I need some advice on a possible camera purchase, so if you'd please leave your opinions/advice/warnings (lol) in my comments section, I'd really appreciated it.
Someone hubby knows slightly is selling the following: Canon Digital XTi (used, 1 yr old), 28-80 wide angle lens, promaster 70-300 telephoto lens, promaster macro lens w/1:1 matched adapter (I don't even know what that means), promaster 5550DX flash, UV filters for all lenses, ext. cord for remote flash, and carrying case. 
He's asking $500 OBO, and said I could take it for a bit to see if I like it.

Well?  Good?  Bad?  Opinons?  Thoughts??

Ok, now onto our regularly scheduled programming... :)

My little girlie wasn't too keen on posing for pictures, she'd much rather I chase her and try to get her spider, lol..

I tried to brighten up the colors in Photoshop, I'm still in the baby stages of learning, soooo, maybe to blue?

~ Play? ~




  1. When I saw the picture I thought that she has gone a bad girl and was playing with your valentine's decorations, LOL she is adorable...♥
    Now about the camera...I am no expert but I think is a good deal. I think the right person to answer this question will be Tracy...♥
    Have an Awesome Friday my Friend...♥

  2. It's a cute picture. I like the expression on her face.

  3. Not bad for baby stages! I am e-mailing you on camera.

  4. Cute picture! I'm a novice too so I can't really help you out but you are doing so well ! : )

  5. Great job on the edits. It's much warmer and richer color. 8

  6. What I would do is google the type of lens and see how much they are worth new. Even in expensive lens though are worth way more than what he is asking. The Canon and lens it came with probably cost $500.

    I have a Canon Rebel XT (4 years old) and it is a great entry level digital camera. I would probably go for it (but give it a test run and asked why he is selling all of it?).

    As for the edit...nice job. What I almost always do first when I edit is adjust the exposure and contrast, then brightness. The first shot looked a little over exposed (or did you use a flash?). Adjusting the contrast and brightness would have given you a richer picture without having to touch the color. :) It is amazing how much you can do in photoshop.

  7. Trust Tracy... she knows her stuff!

    Great color boost

  8. on the pic - I think if you pushed the saturation a bit more, it might look like a cartoon drawing, which I think would be really neat.

    on the camera - sounds like an awesome deal to me!

  9. I think your edit was great! It is so rich now. As far as the camera...I think it sounds like a fantastic deal. Tracy is pretty good with all that stuff though.


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