Monday, January 25, 2010

365/25 ~ Survivors

I went out to check my garden, do a little weeding, primping and tending,...only to find that all my broccoli have finally flowered! There is nothing quite like broccoli fresh from the garden, and all those sweet side-shoots that I'll get later on...I guess they survived the our freaky freeze. :)


  1. wow! Congrats on being a great gardener. I can hardly keep indoor plants alive.

    Nice captures.

  2. Very nice! What a nice surprise for you. Those look really great.

  3. Wow! What did you feed them. :D

  4. How nice! Almost all of my garden died when it snowed twice here in South Texas! I can't get ahold of our weather here, one day it's 38 degrees and the next its 80!


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